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Building Your Property PortfolioBuying your home is known as the most important investment most people make in their lives. When you look back at buying your first home who did you go to to get advice, ideas and inspiration?

The reason I ask this is because so often we read in articles about property investing how you have to build your team, and you do, but more than that you also need to build around you a group of other property investors with whom you can bounce ideas off, ask advice, seek guidance, share knowledge and the like.

Like anything we do, the more we mix or talk to people who have ‘been there and done it’ the more practical advice we are going to get.

The Cost Of Investing

Investing in property is no easy street, as all investors know, and it can be expensive if the wrong steps are taken. That is why having a group of experienced investors as your ‘other team’ you will grow not only financially but knowledge wise as well.

Learning from other people’s experience is valuable.  You may not necessarily agree with their decisions and actions but even that gives you another view to an issue that you may be facing.

How To Build The Other Team

Most local areas have property investor groups but apart from that if you start asking around amongst work colleagues, sporting mates, friends of friends, and extended family members you may be able to make connections.

Also there are always investor meetings being held and by attending these you will meet people with like interests.

Online there are property investment forums that you can go into and learn and connect with other investors. Remember though, as with anything on the net, unless you have proof of their successes, then always check out the comments you read before taking any action. There are very skilled and knowledgeable people using forums, but their are also ‘tyre kickers’ who are only experienced in commenting, not taking action.

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