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5 LPG Gas Safety Tips to Protect Your Investment Property

Lpg gas, liquid propane gas, is a reliable source of fuel for kitchen stoves, hot water heaters, furnaces BBQ grills, and other devices. When basic safety measures are observed, this source of energy is environmentally and user friendly. Here is some information of lpg gas usage.   Fittings Must be Secure Broken or improper fittings … Continue reading 5 LPG Gas Safety Tips to Protect Your Investment Property

Easy Garage Storage Ideas Simplified

Most homeowners have an attached garage with their homes. Many of them use the garage to store household items and outdoor tools to reduce the amount of clutter inside the living area. Problems can arise when the garage becomes overcrowded. It can quickly become a safety hazard that could be the ultimate staging area for a dangerous fire to develop. Homeowners can quickly turn that hazard just outside the main living area into an organized storage that is safe and worry free.




Outdoor Building Assembly


One solution to solve overcrowding is the use of storage sheds. Homeowners can purchase these small structures at popular building supply and home remodeling stores. They are quickly assembled in a weekend and are useful for storing fuels, oils and other flammable mixtures away from the home. Many people use them to store their lawn equipment, yard and auto repair tools. Other uses are to store seasonal items such as Halloween and Christmas decorations.


Locate an area that is both convenient and far enough away from the home for safety purposes. Sheds are available in many sizes to fit every homeowner’s need. Always determine what will be stored in the structure to make the best choice in the size of the building.




Garages Should Do What They Are Designed For


Open the door of the garage to see what can be discarded. Some items can be sold or given away. Many items left in there can be thrown away. Old clothes should never be stored around flammable liquids. What can’t be sold or given away should be considered junk to go directly to the landfill. The first order of business is eliminating as much clutter as possible.


Any money made off of items sold can be used to purchase shelving to install along the walls. This is an excellent idea to gain more space. Metal shelving that can be assembled and moved around to different locations is a good choice to take less space. It will give you back space to park that expensive vehicle that was recently purchased.


Plastic storage bins are great for storing items that can be kept out of moist environments where mold and mildew might be a problem. Aerosol cans, paint and other flammable substances can be stored in containers to reduce vapors in the area.
No area around the home should be airtight. A window installation should be considered somewhere inside the area that can be left partially open when the temperatures are sizzling. Consider mounting wall hangers to place yard tools on instead of piling them in a corner. Power tools can be placed on the hangers to keep them in good working condition. Shelves can be useful for storing toolboxes and miscellaneous items to keep them off of the floor.


Avoid storing anything on the floor due to the chance of a flash flood. Excessive rainfall can fill drains that are cluttered with yard waste that leads to flooding inside garages. With just a few simple ideas, any homeowner can turn that cluttered safety hazard back into a parking area to keep the car looking like new and storing what is needed around the home.