Investment ROI In 2013

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Investment ROIIn a recent survey by Allianz Australia and Newspoll the results showed that there is an increase in optimism with regard to the property market.

In 2012 there was a definite lack of interest and that was worrying but recent months have shown some strong sales figures. In general, the outlook on the Australian economy is much stronger than it has been for some 12 months or so.

Who Is Leading The Way

The older generation is leading the way, showing that they are optimistic about the future.

Western Australia is the state showing the most optimism and given that this is a resources state it shows that we are still buoyed up by the resources results.


There is no doubt that globally there are still big ups and downs, but even in the US, which was chronically hit in the GFC, property prices are rising in many states and sales are taking an upward leap as well.

I don’t think anyone believes that it will all be plain sailing in rebuilding the economy but certainly there are very positive signs around.

Strong Yields

There are strong yields to be had as investors hold firm and this will encourage new investors into the market place and current investors to look at adding to their portfolio. Low interest rates and tight rental market are all adding up to a strong investment market.

The ROI is definitely looking strong at the moment in many areas and for many investors.

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