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Queensland Property Damage 2013What A Devastating Month It Has Been For Property Owners – Read this blog to view a video.

One could be forgiven for not turning on the news these days.  It seems that every few days there are reports of more property being damaged due to fire, flood, rain or wind.  It is heart breaking for everyone who has been affected.

Thank goodness Australians are such a supportive bunch. Thousands of volunteers are out all over the country helping property owners and tenants alike get their living quarters back into some sort of condition where they can at least start to reassemble their life.

Landlords Consider Your Tenants

Obviously in many cases the damage is severe and serious action has to be taken but I urge landlords to consider their tenants even in cases where there is just debris to be taken from the property. Tenants are often not in the financial situation to hire trailers etc. to get trees, water laden or damaged property, taken away.

Be thankful that your tenants have taken steps to protect your property.  They may have shielded windows, tied down furniture or whatever, which could ultimately have gone through a window or ripped down a balcony.

Give them a ring and find out if they need a hand, need a trailer, or in fact need anything at all. Send them a food basket at this time of need. Even if they were not affected with property damage it was a terribly harrowing time for all concerned.

I urge you to show some consideration for their consideration of your property.

A simple phone call to see how they are personally would be great.

Remember, owning a property is not all about you. It is also about your tenants being safe and caring for your property.

If you have not suffered any property damage then consider yourself lucky because next time it could be you who is looking for that help.

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