Property Investing Is A Long Term Involvement

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Property Investing Long TermAre you getting frustrated with the results you are getting from your property investments?

Many investors do until they sit down and re-evaluate their reasons for going into property investing in the first place and find out if they went in with the right perspective.

A Long Term Wealth Creation

What many new investors forget as they get involved in their search for property and the search for the right loan, etc. is that property investment is a long term strategy for gaining wealth.

A few, through some outside intervention like changes in rules and regulations, or new developments, make their money quicker, but as a whole property investors make their money by not rushing into purchases or sales, but biding their time and getting everything in order to sit out the longer period of property ownership.

Another situation I know of is an investor who struck it lucky in making way above average income was a property investor with a short term rental house. He had  renovated the house for a holiday rental and by sheer good fortune had it picked to be exposed on TV. This was a windfall for him, but the reality is that this very rarely happens.

Full Time Investing

People who you talk to who are full-time investing have either started off many years ago (maybe 20 or more) and have built up such a portfolio that they can afford to live off it, but also keep growing it at the same time, or started with a nice pile of money and managed to get in during the fast property prices rises some 7-8 years ago.

Interestingly enough, not all investors like being a full-time property investor. Some don’t actually like what is involved in the managing of property, but are really only interested in the purchasing and selling of property. These people continue to follow their careers, use a good support team for the property investing and patiently watch their portfolio grow.
Growing a portfolio for financial freedom requires patience, systems, management and perseverance.

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