Videos Are Valuable Tools For Property Investors

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Property Investor VideoIn this day and age of quick emails and emails that are just too short at times, the attachment of a video will take away any misconception that could occur. Even taking still shots can sometimes not show the true picture of a problem or a situation that you are trying to convey.

Uses of Videos in Property Investing

  1. If you are having trouble getting workmen to a site for repairs, rehabbing and such like, a quick video can help them assess immediately if they are interested in the job or not. This not only saves them time, but you as well as you won’t be having to attend an appointment that is going nowhere.  And of course, you can send the same video to a number of people.
  2. Before and after jobs for promotional purposes.
  3. Tracking work being done.
  4. Tracking tenancy problems (but remember privacy).
  5. A listing video for renting and/or selling- still photos don’t show a property nearly as well as a video does.


Ask your property manager to promote your property with video. It is possible that when the property has a better first impression you could even get a little more rent for it. Point out the features in your video.

How To Make Your Videos

The beauty is that with technology today you don’t even need to specifically own a video camera.  A digital camera will do just fine as long as it has the video feature, which most do.

If you do not know how to start making videos all you have to do is go to, search for ‘how to make a video’ and in about 5 minutes you will know what to do.

Once you start using video you will realize just how much help it is in communicating and in presenting your situation to those who you want to view what you are trying to show.

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