Autumn is the popular season for interior decorating. Not only because of the perfect temperature, is it the season near the end of the year. However, you should pay attentions that do not open all the doors and windows for ventilation, which may have some influence on the decorating wall and the woody material.

The wall should dry in the shades, but not blow dry

For the wall decorating, many families just brush the paint. Autumn and summer has huge difference on decorating. For summer, the air is comparatively wet. In order to make the wall dry in a short time, you may open all the windows and doors for ventilation.

Whereas, the climate is comparatively dry, the air is not so wet in autumn. At this time, if you open all the windows and doors and dry the decorated wall, the moister from the wall would lost soon so that the wall is easy to deform, crack, even fall off. The best way for the wall decorating in autumn is to let the wall dry by itself, but not ventilation. If you think the smell is too strong for the room, you may leave some gaps for the air ventilation.

The wood material should take shelter from the wind

Except the wall, the wood material is another aspect you should pay attention to. Many customers think that autumn is the best season for home decoration so there should not have influence for wood material protection.

In fact, as the dry climate, if you keep the wood material directly on the floor without protection, the moister in the wood material may lost. As a result, the wood material may cause problems such as crack and embrittlement, which would affect the construction effect.

Keep ventilation for the morning and the night

Some people think that the smell is not so strong in autumn so that people can move in after a week. However, no matter what your decoration season is, the house should keep empty for a long time, at least for one month. Though the smell is not strong, the air quality may rebound in winter or summer.

Therefore, even if no smell for the whole house, you should move in after a month or a longer time. In the empty period, you may open the windows and doors for ventilation. The best ventilation time period is in the morning and evening, for the air moister is comparatively lower in the noon, it is easy to cause crack for woody furniture and painted wall.

Though autumn is the gold season for home decoration, the decorating attention matters are not care about this. Before moving into the newly decorated house, please think of your health condition. Try to wait for a period of time.


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