Majority of people at their prime are already thinking about their retirement plan. When it comes to selecting where to live when you retire, the decision needs to be given a thorough thought. After all, not so many people like packing up and moving house for several times. If you are planning to retire in another place where you are currently living, or looking to build your retirement nest egg through retirement property investment, it might help if you could visit your prospective places so you will have a better option when you reach that golden age. There is a wide list of places in Australia that is loaded with amenities a retiree could need or want. Here is a rundown of affordable places to retire in Australia.


For people of ages 60 and above, the decision will always involve several important factors. This includes the amenities available, affordable housing, good transport systems, and the proximity of the place to where their children and their grandchildren live. One of the affordable places to retire could be Campbelltown.

The place is a suburb and is the major centre in the metropolitan area of Sydney. It is located 31 miles southwest of Sydney’s bustling business district. Campbelltown has a wide range of places to visit including parks, country clubs, and reserves that qualifies it as one of the best places for retirement.

Located in Campbelltown is the retirement village called Mount Gilead Estate. Well-appointed and spacious houses, villas, and apartments are offered at prices ranging from $345,000 to $656,000. The community has a clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, and golf course. Retirees can get the out-of-the-country feel with the convenience of the city being only a few minutes away. The community promises to provide the comfortable and relaxed lifestyle that retirees look for.

Tweeds Head

Another affordable place that offers excitement and beautiful scenery is Tweeds Head. This charming and large town in New South Wales is scattered with natural beauty. The place is situated right on the coast of Green Cauldron where striking landscapes are abundant. The region has a very distinct diversity where plants and animal life are combined in the picturesque abodes. Retirees can also access a wide range of recreational activities as well as the comforts and amenities that large cities typically come with. The average home in Tweeds Head is $585,000.

Port Macquarie

This place may top on your list if you are looking for the best retirement communities that is more affordable. The average price of the home in this place is only $520,000. The place has a pleasant climate and has a population of 70,000. The town has a lot of shops and restaurants that retirees can enjoy. It also has natural landscapes, like wetlands, forests, and more. The average age of residents in Port Macquarie is 47 years old, which is a strong statement to the number of retirees opting to retire in this town.


Echuca in Victoria comes as a top contender for the best cities to retire in Australia. It is a small community and is home to 14,000 residents. The place is situated on the banks of the Murray River and is fenced with the striking qualities of the countryside. This quiet town is loaded with culture, with tons of celebrations and festivals all year round that attract thousands of tourists and visitors. Echuca is definitely one of the best places to retire with its distinct location and pleasant climate that the residents enjoy all throughout the year.

The Sunshine Coast

One of the most popular tourist spots in Australia could also be one of the most affordable places to retire. The Sunshine Coast in Queensland is much more peaceful compared to the Gold Coast area and many prefer this place for retirement. The place is abundant in sunshine and wide areas of scenic beaches. The average price of the house in this region costs $515,000. The place also offers a list of retirement communities, various national parks, and fine dining selections to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

If you are buying property for retirement, these are only few of the many options you have if you want to move down under. There are a ton of other cities and quaint neighbourhoods in Australia that are both affordable and peaceful.

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