Lpg gas, liquid propane gas, is a reliable source of fuel for kitchen stoves, hot water heaters, furnaces BBQ grills, and other devices. When basic safety measures are observed, this source of energy is environmentally and user friendly. Here is some information of lpg gas usage.


Fittings Must be Secure

Broken or improper fittings are a source of gas leaks. When using propane, be familiar with the fittings, both at the main tank and throughout the house. Always use the proper fittings in any gas line.

Include an inspection of these fittings in your regular seasonal home maintenance routine. Propane gas has a slight garlic odor. At the first sign of odor, shut off the flow to that area and call a local authorized propane dealer.


Adequate Ventilation is Important for Health and Safety

Kitchen stoves fueled by propane should be surrounded by a good flow of air. If a burner doesn’t ignite right away, turn it off and let the gas dissipate for at least three minutes before trying again.

If you smell propane gas in an enclosed area, open all windows and doors. Do not use an electric fan to clear the air. Instead, shut the gas off at the outside main tank and call your propane dealer right away.


Be Knowledgeable About All Your Gas Appliances

Lpg gas is a great fuel to use to heat a home or office. It’s clean and economical.Try to read or get advices from a trusted gas supplier as much as you can. The installer or service man will be happy to explain how a heater or furnace works and how to recognize signs of trouble. 

If an appliance is vented, know where your vent pipes are and ensure that birds and small animals do not build nests in them.


BBQ Grills Need Extra Attention

Grilling outside adds spice to our lives but caution must be used at all times. Never leave a lit grill unattended and never leave a child in charge of the grill. High wind can blow out the flames and blow the grill over. When problems arise or if you must leave the grill area, shut the tank off first by turning the valve clockwise Then turn off the grill itself.

Know exactly how your BBQ grill is designed to operate by reading the grill’s manual carefully. Follow all safety instructions to the letter.


Portable Bottles Require Proper Handling

The convenience of being able to carry this energy source around is one of the great advantages of Lpg gas. However, it’s important to know its limitations and how to handle the portable tank.

For example, never use a portable gas heater in a room used for sleeping. Always take care with the tank’s valve. Do not allow portable tanks to roll around in the back of a truck or trunk of a car because the valve can be bumped and damaged, causing leaks.



The best defense is being knowledgeable about all your propane appliances. Knowing how each unit is designed to work, how to turn each one on and off, where the gas fittings are and how the main gas source can be turned off will give a homeowner or renter the confidence needed to safely enjoy all the benefits of propane gas.


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