In places with unusually hot and humid climates, having an air conditioner is a welcome relief. This appliance works by transferring heat and humidity from the inside of a home to the outside and at the same time, letting the air inside to cool and circulate to give a more comfortable atmosphere. There are different types of air conditioners, and it is crucial to choose an air conditioner with the right cooling capacity. This is determined by the location of your home, its structural details, the number of people and the quality of insulation in a space. According to Cool Times Air Conditioning, consider these factors to choose the right air conditioner.

Size of room

Most air conditioning units are not the appropriate size for a home, as per US Department of Energy. So, you need an accurate measurement of the area where you will use the air conditioner. In this calculation, other important factors include insulation, windows, siding materials and ducts.

Energy efficiency

Unlike older models, the latest air conditioning units are high in energy efficiency. They have the ability to cool your place without using much energy. They can considerably reduce your monthly utility bills. Though energy efficient air conditioners are more expensive, they give more significant savings in the long run.

Cooling capacity

For a higher cooling capacity, choose a unit with the higher BTUs per hour.

Type of unit

There are different types of air conditioning units. For smaller rooms, there are window type units that are mounted in a window or portable types that can be placed on wheels. These are vented by means of a hose in a window. There are also wall units positioned in holes that are cut into outside walls.


Whenever you purchase energy efficient appliances like air conditioners, the government gives tax credits. You can save as much as $500 for every unit that qualifies. In addition to this, you can also get Manufacturer Rebates and Utility Company Rebates.

Extra features

Nowadays, most air conditioners come with additional features. There are remote control units that allow you to adjust the settings from anywhere across the room. Others come with timers that enable you to turn them on before you come home from work. They also let you program different levels of power for different hours of the day. Some air conditioners include filters that eliminate odors, dust and allergens.


When choosing an air conditioning unit, you need to consider important factors like the size of your area, the type of air conditioner, its cooling capacity, the savings it gives, the additional features it has and of course, your budget. While the latest energy efficient models may be pricier, they give more savings in the long run with regards to the reduction in utility bills plus the different rebates you can get.
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