What is your ideal decoration for dream bedrooms? I always want to have a bedroom with balcony. It expands the room area and ensures the lighting and ventilation at the same time. However, how to choose proper curtain for your bedroom is the problem people often ask. If you are considering picking curtain for your bedroom, then you can read the following tips to get inspiration:

Tips 1: color scheme of curtain for bedroom

The color scheme of curtain should bebased on the color tone of bedroom – use same or similar color scheme to add layering by color shade and create harmonious atmosphere; or use the combination of contrast color to form active sense of rhythmand create vivid atmosphereby collocating curtain withfabrics like bedding, sofa and table cloth; or use contrast color in large area, especially the pattern on curtain, to show the high profile life attitude and get rid of the dull atmosphere in bedroom.

Tips 2: material selection of curtain for bedroom

Home owners should know how to make full use of different curtain material to satisfy different decoration needs. For example, we can hang two layers of curtain in bedroom. Thick cotton and linen curtain in the outer layer to block light, dust and noise. It can create good sleeping environment for home owners. Thin curtain in the inner layer made of transparent or semi-transparent material like lace orchiffonto create romantic atmosphere.

Tips 3: the harmonious of style for curtain in bedroom

The color, style of curtain has great relation to bedroom decoration style. The primary of curtain selection is harmonious with bedroom decoration style.

Tips 4: measuring of curtain for bedroom

The correct measure method of curtain should be: include the curtain box when measuring if has, the curtain rod and the hook when measure the width and height of window. The length of curtain should be longer than the windowsill. Curtain with length to floor make bedroom more formal and highlight its sense of existence.

Curtain is necessarywindow decoration forevery family. The selection method of curtain is varied. I will introduce the selection method of curtain according to window orientation.

East orientated window

Sun rise up from east in the morning. Therefore the heat of sunlight deliver rapidly to indoorthrough the metal window frame of east orientated window. So the curtain for east orientated windowshould block the strong sunlight in the morning. Venetian blindwith light color can effectively block the dazzling sunlight and do not affect the ventilation.

North orientatedwindow

How to maintain the lightis one of the main functions for the curtain in bedroom with north orientated window.Fabric curtain with good light transmission effect allows home owner to enjoy natural light and does not be affected by strong sunlight.

South orientated window

South orientated window provide sufficient indoorlight. It is the main source of indoor natural light.However, it is also the disadvantage of south orientated window. Abundant heat and ultraviolet light are containedin the light. The requirements for curtain in south orientated window are good light transmission in the daytime and good light blocking and sound proof performance in the night to createquiet sleeping environment.Home owner can combine two different window treatments together in this kind of bedroom.

West orientated window

How to protect furniture, flooring, and fabric home décor from ultraviolet for bedroom with west orientated window is the key when selecting curtain, as ultraviolet will damage the color and luster of furniture and cause fading to fabric. Shutter blind, fabric curtain treated by special technology (adding a layer of ultraviolet proof material at the outer side of the curtain) are recommended.


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