Business owners, who invest in property on a commercial scale overseas such as in Australia, can get a business visa by consulting with migration consultants. The staff at a migration company employs professionals to work with business owners in obtaining visas. Individuals work with their migration agent to get the visa for Australia.

Services offered through registered companies employing visa consultants charge a fee for services in addition to official government charges to assist, offer advice and represent clients globally.

Business individuals require the assistance of a visa agent because obtaining a vise is a complex process and if time is of the essence the process requires a registered migration agent. Migrations consultants act on behalf of all clients and work independently from the Australian Government. 

Business owners cannot establish themselves or their family with a business opportunity or invest in property without an Australian Business visa. Migration consultants can assist the business owner to apply and be eligible for a travel visa or an Electronic Travel Authority to assure the individual is able to travel to Australia for any business purposes for up to three months or as many times as the individual needs to travel to Australia in one year.

The migration agent is able to get the individual a temporary visa in order to manage their new or existing business in Australia. This is the first step to obtaining a migration visa on a permanent basis for business.

Eventually if the individual desires to live in Australia permanently, they can apply for a Business Talent visa. These Australian visas are set in place to attract a high level of business people to work with their company while transferring to Australia on a permanent basis.

If it is, only a trip to Australia for business meetings or conferences Australia offers a Business Visitor visa for up to three months at a time.

Visa consultants work with many people to determine which Australian visa fits their situation and need. Work visa to Australia include work and holiday visas, working holiday visas, skilled independent visas, skilled nominated visa, 457 temporary business visa, employer nomination scheme and skilled regional sponsored visa.

Business visas include business, innovation, stream visas, Business investor stream visas and business talent visas. Generally, when business owners fly to Australia for their business their family often times accompanies them. 

The types of family visas include spouse visa, parent visas, aged parent visas and prospective marriage visa. Additionally, Australia offers student visas that include higher education visas, English language study visas, non-award student visa, postgraduate research visa, vocational training visa and school student visas. Travel visas include short travel visas, E visitor visas, and Electronic travel authority and business visitor visas. Australia also offers a retirement visas. 

As one can now sees all the possible visas available for Australia, the business owner requires the help of migration consultants so they can get the correct visa.

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