I have found for you a very interesting website and the link I will give you below will be to a 2 Part video on a warehouse conversion into two apartments.  The actual site is in the US but the content of the site is excellent for those property investors who have not actually done a conversion before, or really for anyone at all interested or considering any type of conversion.  The renovator is obviously an experienced renovator.

The property that has been renovated is a two storey warehouse and the top floor was converted some time ago but they have had to wait for plans, approvals and so on for the lower floor where they want to convert it to two apartments.

Renovating properties is a way to make excellent money in the property investment market and more and more investors are looking at it as a way to remove themselves from the workforce and be their own boss.

The link to Landlording.TV – How to Organize & Run a Profitable Rental Empire!  Do feel free to leave your comments when you have listened to the video.  It would be great to know what you think.

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