Aside from your house’s general appearance itself and the work you could put in to do a makeover, did you know that having an irrigation system for your lawn and garden can also add significant value.

That’s because the right irrigation systems with updated technology that are installed properly can save from having to manually water the lawn and plants with a cheap sprinkler, and if you sell your home later the next homeowner will have an additional feature by having an automated sprinkler system in place.

So if you’re interested in creating a better home through landscaping, according to The Irrigation Shop, here’s how to plan a garden irrigation system.


Benefits Of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are programmed to know when the lawn and plants need watering and when not to turn since most new ones have rain sensors. Most irrigation systems come with a manual that tells you what the settings should be on the control panel and what to do if the water is running when it shouldn’t be.

But so long as the sensor is working, your lawn will receive the adequate amount of water without going too dry or too moist. There are different types of irrigation system from drip irrigation to full underground sprinkler systems.



Benefits Of Drip Irrigation System

If you want an irrigation system that is specifically targeted at plants for those hot dry months, you might want a drip irrigation system installed. But how does drip irrigation help in conserving water?

Drip irrigation does what its name implies by using a slower moving watering source in lighter doses that still is effective. It’s geared towards getting water to the plants’ roots and making sure it does not evaporate before being absorbed by those roots.

In fact, not only can drip irrigation save you money by using small amounts of water that are timed, but it can also cut down on the number of pests you might see in your garden. Not to mention drip irrigation systems are quite easy to install.



Installing A Full-Fledged Sprinkler System

Unlike a drip irrigation system, a sprinkler irrigation system is quite a bit more complex to install and is recommended as being left to professionals who know what they’re doing. This is because they have the tools to dig the places in your yard at just the right depth and length and avoid tearing up the lawn in order to get it right, a misstep that could ruin the overall appeal of your home. When you have a sprinkler system installed, there are things you should go over with your landscaper or home improvement contractor.


First, you need to discuss how installing a sprinkler system could affect other tasks such as mowing the lawn or gardening tasks such as digging and hoeing. It’s important to know where the sprinkler heads are so you don’t damage them. Second, you need to know how the sprinkler system is going to be spaced out so it doesn’t interfere with other underground fixtures such as sewer and water supply lines. And third, a professional technician will be able to install the sensor and control box so it has no electrical issues. A professional landscaper or home improvement consultant can give you even more tips on how to plan a garden irrigation system.

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