The other day I heard someone say:

“A New Year is like a new canvas and it is up to you to paint the picture!”

I don’t know about you, but I totally agree. 2011 is the time to turn on the switch.

So many New Year resolutions get broken, but if you think about the fact that you have all year to paint ‘your picture’ then the idea of achieving throughout the year is not so daunting.

Like any change, it is best to take small secure steps and ensure they are done right than jump on in and try to change too many things at once, or change even one thing overnight.

In our busy lifestyles we do tend to want results sooner rather than later but with property investment that is just not possible unless you have a 7 figure bank account.

Focusing is the best way to get results.

If you are giving consideration to what you might do with property investing in 2011 why not sit down and get your focus right.

If you are a new property investor you need to clarify your focus so that you do not feel overwhelmed with data and different strategies that you could try.

When it is time to buy your first investment property you should have:

  • worked out how much you have to spend
  • what return you want on your investment
  • what strategy you are implementing for the investment
  • what district you will buy in
  • what sub-district you will buy in

Sounds simple,well it is fairly ’simple’ but it does require a lot of research.  Just because you may have got your deposit organized and your finance organized, it does not mean that the right property shows up at that time.

It is more important to ‘wait for the right property’ than it is to ‘rush in and buy because you have the money’.

At the beginning of a new year we can be feeling quite lethargic after sitting around during the holidays, but it is a time to re-energize and start making those plans so that 2012 does not arrive with you still scratching your head saying, “I missed that opportunity, once again!”

Take notes, do research and take action!

Start building your wealth through property investment if that is what you have decided to do.

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