Australia has arguably the best climate in the world. With beautiful sunny days through the Christmas holidays, Australians are known for their love for outdoor living and entertaining.

If you’re planning to entertain your friends and family this summer, it’s important to get your outdoor entertaining area up to scratch. Here’s the ultimate checklist to backyard entertaining this summer.

1. Flooring & Landscape

It’s important to ensure you have a nice well-maintained area to entertain your guests. If possible, try and create a flow between the inside and outside of your home to give the feel of additional space. Installing some nice new decking and fencing around your entertaining area will also give it a refreshed look.

If you have some spare time on weekends, look to complete some DIY landscaping projects to spruce up your backyard. Add some new native plants and flowers to your garden. Add a fresh lick of paint to your fence or patio area. The landscaping jobs you do will add immense value to your home and will be a great talking point with your guests.

2. Sun Protection

Is your outdoor area well shaded?

If not, consider installing a patio, shade sail, or even some large trees to provide shade. Sun protection during summer in Australia is vital as the UV rating quite often reaches ‘extreme’ levels. If you’re planning to host guests during the day on weekends or holidays, keep protection from the sun front of mind.

3. Flow Through Your Home

Look to create a nice flow throughout your home. One way to increase the flow while increasing the safety of your home is by installing bi-fold security doors. Folding doors are a terrific way to add sophistication and style to your home.

The bi-fold doors stack side by side when open, meaning you can maximise on your outdoor entertaining space. They’re also great to keep insects and unwanted intruders out.

4. Outdoor Furniture

Ensure you have enough outdoor furniture to cater for your guests. Look for new and in-style designs to match your backyard and landscape. One DIY furniture idea that many Australian’s are getting involved in is recycling old pallets into outdoor furniture. You can make, chairs, tables and even pallet bars which you can paint and design to match your theme. If you have a nice grassed area, you could even lay some picnic rugs down for guests to have a sit down under the sun or stars.

5. Outdoor Barbecue or Grill

Barbeques and grills are a must have for any Aussie backyard. They are the perfect cooking apparatus to ensure you’re out socialising with your guests while cooking some delicious food. Depending on the space you have available in your backyard, consider installing a fixed barbeque with a sink and bench space to make for easy service and cleaning.

6. Lighting

If your outdoor area has inadequate lighting, it can really dampen the mood and ambience. Look at some easy lighting ideas to help spruce up your outdoor area. Use a variety of different lighting including coloured fairy lights or lanterns to bring some colour and fun to your area. Solar LED lights are also perfect to place across your outdoor path or to highlight areas in your garden.

7. Warming & Ambiance

Consider investing in a fireplace or fire pit for your outdoor entertaining area. The atmosphere that fire gives will make your home feel warm and welcoming. Fireplaces and fire pits are also great for winter to provide a pocket of warmth that your guests can crowd around and socialise.

8. Bug & Insect Protection

While summer is one of the most beautiful seasons in Australia, it’s known to bring with it a range of insects and bugs. Flies, ants, mozzies, spiders and a range of other bugs can become a big nuisance if not properly handled.

Have a look at some bug-free outdoor entertaining tips to keep the uninvited guests away this summer. Make sure you have some bug spray or wipes for guests in case they’re getting bitten by mosquitos or bothered by flies.

9. Music

Unless you’re planning to have a dance floor and loud music, you’ll only really need a few smaller speakers to provide music to your outdoor area. Have a look for some easy to use Bluetooth speakers. Create or find a playlist on a free to use service like Spotify. Look to have a playlist that will last for approximately 5 hours, as most parties tend to go for no longer than that.

10. Food

Remember that if you’re hosting a get-together, it is important you provide some delicious food for your guests. There might be some guests that have food allergies, so try to keep variety in consideration when deciding what you provide.

Keep it simple. Start off with some cheese boards, antipasto platters and fruit platters for your guests to snack on. For mains, think about using your BBQ or grill to cook some sausages, chicken wings, vegetable skewers, corn cobs and perhaps some steaks. Serve it with some bowls of fresh salad and bread. Your guests will surely be impressed.

One Final Fun Idea: Snap Geofilter

Snapchat has an excellent feature that is somewhat underutilised for people who love to take and send pictures. From as low as $5, you can purchase a Snapchat Geofilter to add to your photos before sending them to your friends or saving them to your phone. Geofilters are a fantastic way for guests to remember your event and brag about the event to their friends.

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