Throughout Australia there have been many changes to water and electricity charges.  This then begs the question, “can I pass this on to the tenant?”.

Each and every state, as you probably know, has their own regulations regarding tenancy agreements, but I would go so far as to say that if a new tenancy is being arranged, or an old tenancy being extended then a clause can be put in the agreement for tenants to pay these charges.

Electricity is usually paid by the tenant, but in some multiple dwelling properties it is not individually charged, but if a tenant is pay in these circumstances then each unit would need to have its own meter.

As far as water charges are concerned there would need to be an agreement as to what is to be paid by the tenant.

When a tenant is to pay water charges they are to be furnished with a copy of the original bill.  There may also be other requirements relating to this payment so do check out all the details if as a landlord, you are going to go down this path.


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