If you are looking for an investment property, you may want to look in the direction of your nearest local airport. Both residential homes as well as commercial properties can be really good investments for property investors if certain things are taken into consideration.

Residential homes in the neighborhood of an airport can often be purchased for a lower price than a similar property in another neighborhood. Although rents for homes that are airport adjacent are often more modest than in other areas of the city due to the noise factor, real estate investors who are savvy enough to purchase homes that have been insulated against noise or who upgrade the property by adding soundproofing before offering it as a rental are able to charge more premium rates.

A home near the airport will always be desirable for leasing to anyone who travels frequently due to their job responsibilities and dislikes the hassle of having to travel long distances to and from home to get to the nearest airport. A business person who wants the convenience of using private jet charter from the airport with a minimal waste of time will want to live nearest the airport( more about why private jet charters are more cost effective than commercial flights here ), a nice benefit for property investors who buy up airport adjacent properties.

The value of airport adjacent homes and real estate also tends to increase over time if the airport decides it needs to expand and needs the property that an investor is holding. Investing in commercial property near an airport makes a desirable investment for companies that want to be close to the airport because they deal in either importing or exporting goods that are shipped by air travel. Private jet charter companies often want their corporate offices to be airport adjacent if they cannot find space within the main airport property, and investors smart enough to purchase near an airport can offer that company valuable land and/or buildings which are situated in just the right location for their purposes.

The location of the property in relationship to the airport can be a deciding factor over whether to invest in a particular property. Some houses and commercial buildings may be located right in the flight path of incoming and outgoing air traffic, which can increase noise levels. But there are just as many properties that are airport close without being as affected by the noise associated with jet airplanes. Property investors should also investigate if amenities such as supermarkets and shopping centers are located near the airport as well, making the surrounding neighborhood properties more valuable.

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