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What Has Made Sir Walter Turf Grass Ideal For Installation In Lawns In Brisbane?


Sir Walter’s turf has become one of Brisbane’s most famous turf grasses. Homeowners, property developers, and landscapers have made this the most installed type of turf grass on most lawns. This is because Sir Walter turf is ideal for installation in different landscapes if you want to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes. This article will discuss the qualities that have made Sir Walter turf a perfect turf grass to install on your lawn.


Qualities That Make Sir Walter Turf Grass Ideal For Installing In Lawns In Brisbane

Sir Walter turf has several qualities that make it unique compared to other varieties of turf grass you find in the market. These qualities are the ones that contribute to the popularity of Sir Walter’s turf. They include;


  • Creates a lush appearance

One of the reasons why Sir Walter’s turf has become so popular today in Brisbane is because it gives your lawn a vibrant and beautiful green colour and incredible texture, giving the landscape a lud inviting look. Additionally, you can install Sir Walter turf grass in residential lawns, commercial spaces or parks. You can be sure that it will add a touch of beauty and elegance to these outdoor spaces.


  • It lasts for a long time

Another quality that makes Sir Walter turf an ideal turf grass to install in your lawn is its exceptional durability. This type of turf grass has a very dense growth and a robust root system, making it resilient to environmental stressors, pet activity and foot traffic. Therefore, even when you install it in high-traffic areas like parks, playgrounds, residential lawns and sports fields, the Sir Walter turf will still last for a long time.


  • Drought resistant

This is yet another quality that makes Sir Walter turf ideal for installing on your lawn in Brisbane. Unlike other types of grass affected by drought, Sir Walter’s turf can withstand the dry seasons and go for long with limited water supply. This is because it has a deep root system that allows it to reach moisture deep in the ground, thus making it thrive even in dry areas.


  • Shade tolerant

Most turf varieties require total exposure to sunlight to thrive, but Sir Walter turf does well even in partially shaded areas since it is shade tolerant. Therefore, if you have mature trees, structures or buildings on your property that always cast shade during the day, Sir Walter turf is an ideal turf variety to install since it can tolerate the shade.


  • Weed resistant

Sir Walter turf has also become an excellent choice for lawn installation because it suppresses weed growth. This is because it has a very vigorous and dense growth. Due to this, Sir Walter’s turf can crowd out weeds and prevent them from establishing. This means that you spend less on the herbicides that you use and, instead, get to grow a healthy and attractive lawn.


  • Low maintenance requirements

Besides its durability and lush appearance, the Sir Walter turf requires minimal maintenance. This makes it ideal even for busy people since the grass will still thrive without much maintenance practices, unlike most grasses.


Sir Walter turf grass has unique features that make it an ideal choice for lawn installation in Brisbane. Therefore, if you have been wondering whether this is the perfect turf grass to install on your lawn, you now know why you installed it on your property.

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